Testing Services: Clean, Inspect & Test

  • Fiberglass Hot Stick Testing

    • Extendable tel-o-pole, shotgun, switch stick, substation stick, short link, pike pole, layout arms, long cutter, tree trimming extensions, elbow puller and all other fiberglass equipment

  • Dielectric Testing

    • Line hose, insulating blankets, plastic line guards, pole guards and other miscellaneous cover-up 

    • Insulated jumper cable

  • Ground Testing

    • Standard grounds, mechanical jumpers, 3-phase/cluster grounds and break safes

Refinishing Services

  • Refinish Layout Arms, Conductor Arms & Fiberglass Hot Sticks

    • Apply several coats of a two part epoxy

Who we serve

Our valued customers include rural cooperatives, local municipalities, utility contractors, and investor-owned utilities such as AEP & NIPSCO.  Our partnerships formed over the past 20 years range throughout Indiana, Ohio, Michigan & Illinois and continue to expand throughout the Midwest.

Repair Services

  • Tools 

    • Hoists, hydraulic tools, crimping tools, tamps, bolt cutters, ratchet cutters, load breaks, ampacs and all other tools used by linemen

  • Fiberglass Hot Sticks

  • Grounding & Jumper Equipment 

Custom Ground / Jumper Assembly

  • Grounding & Jumper Equipment

    • ​Cut to length and assembled per customer specifications

Product Sales

  • Authorized Distributor and Trusted Source

    • Utility products & equipment